Bay Area lawmakers, Syrian-American citizens react to Syria missile strikes

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Both local lawmakers and Syrians are reacting Friday night to President Donald Trump's announcement of strikes in Syria.

"I'm always happy to see any action that could undermine the regime's ability to harm more civilians," said Syrian-American Ghaidaa Mousabacha from her home in San Jose.

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She hopes the strike was not a one-time event and she offered praise for President Trump.

"He said, the future lies in the hands of the Syrian people. I was very very inspired," Mousabacha said. "if this strike is going to allow us as Syrians to come together and decide what future we want for our own country, then be it."

Janine Zacharia is the former Jerusalem Bureau Chief and Middle East correspondent for the Washington Post. She now lectures at Stanford. "The main question is, whether this is going to be part of a broader strategy or whether this is going to be more of a symbolic strike. Will they be able to get everything? And, most critically, whether or not this is going to risk escalating," she said.

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Democratic lawmakers were quick to criticize. Some called the strike unconstitutional.

East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell said Trump needs to come to Congress before he makes another move. "The president for too long has been too reckless with our national security and our foreign policy to be left alone and unchecked."

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