UC Berkeley law student who went viral for protesting at dean's party wants refocus on Gaza

Sunday, April 14, 2024
Viral UC Berkeley student from party protest wants refocus on Gaza
UC Berkeley law student Malak Afaneh, who went viral for protesting at a dean's party, wants a refocus on Gaza and the school's aid to Israel.

BERKELEY, Calif. -- A UC Berkeley law student is sharing more details about an encounter with a professor that's gone viral.

It happened at a private dinner party on Tuesday.

You can see the moments in this video -- when a professor tries to take the microphone from a student voicing support for the people in Gaza.

That student, Malak Afaneh, is trying to draw attention to the university's financial investments and says she had the right to express her view.

VIDEO: Gaza protesters disrupt UC Berkeley dean's party, triggering responses over free speech

Gaza protesters disrupted a dinner party at a UC Berkeley dean's home, accusing his wife of assault, and drawing questions about free speech.

"We're trying to bring this back to why I was there. I was there because UC should divest from apartheid. More than $2 million of our tuition money goes to weapons/arms manufacturers," Afaneh said. "And this is much bigger than myself, much bigger than any students here. This is about stopping a genocide. And that's important to remember."

The incident happened at the home of the law school dean.

This week, they told us the event was supposed to celebrate graduating students, and they're saddened protesting students disrupted it for political purposes.

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