UC Santa Cruz protests: Teaching assistants, grad student educators on day 3 of wildcat strike

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KGO) -- UC Santa Cruz teaching assistants and graduate student instructors are in day three of a wildcat strike, which is a walkout not approved by union leaders.

Large crowds of people, including students, blocked the university's main entrance on Wednesday to bring attention to their demand for a cost of living increase.

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"We're asking for the university to pay us more, because we cannot afford to live and work," Brenda Arjona said. "A lot of us are spending 50 percent or more of our monthly earnings just on rent. I spend 78 percent just on rent alone."

The effort for a cost of living increase began in December, when the instructors and teaching assistants staged a grading strike.

UCSC administrators have called the strike illegal and repeatedly insist they are unable to negotiate with the students outside of the union contract.

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