University of Texas to allow guns in classrooms in new guidelines

HOUSTON -- The University of Texas now says they will allow concealed handgun license holders to carry their guns into the classroom. This change was recommended by a study panel back in December.

Texas state law requires all public universities to allow licensed concealed handguns owners in the classroom by August 1, but does give some leeway to schools, allowing for gun-free zones. Concealed carry license holders must carry the gun at all times or keep it securely locked in their vehicle or in a dorm in a gun safe

A letter was sent out by UT President Gregory L. Fenves about the new policy.

More details on campus carry at the University of Texas at Austin

  • Residence halls on campus will still be off-limits
  • Cannot have any part of the weapon visible on campus
  • Cannot carry semiautomatic gun with round in the chamber
  • Must carry gun in holster that covers trigger and trigger guard area
  • No guns in area with any pre k through 12 activities
  • No guns at polling places - UT has one such spot
  • No guns in court - UT has one courtroom at the School of Law
  • No guns at UT sports facilities
  • No guns in businesses that sells alcohol
  • No guns in areas that have state of federal licenses that bar concealed license holders from carrying guns
  • No guns in patient care areas
  • No guns in areas where certain hearings are held
  • No guns in science labs
  • No guns for volunteers who work with minors

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