Convicted Vallejo kidnapper will not cross examine his alleged rape victim

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- One day before an accused rapist and kidnapper was set to cross examine his victim, he's requested a public defender instead. Matthew Muller is already serving a 40 year federal sentence for kidnapping.

Disbarred Harvard educated attorney Matthew Muller, facing kidnapping, rape, robbery, burglary and false imprisonment charges, decided Monday he'd rather not represent himself.

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"This is a guy who is a pre-meditated, deliberate, rapist, home invader, kidnapper," said Aaron Quinn's Criminal Attorney Dan Russo.

Muller is currently serving a 40 year federal sentence for kidnapping Quinn's now fiancé Denise Huskins. Vallejo Police initially called the kidnapping a hoax but Muller was linked to the crime after leaving his cell phone behind in a foiled Dublin home invasion.

Russo says Quinn and Huskins pushed Solano County District Attorney to file state charges after the federal case wrapped up.

"It's not about revenge for them it's about keeping this monster off the street," said Russo.

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Russo says it's possible the case won't go to trial.

"I don't think there's going to be a deal short of a life sentence and if he gets a life sentence that's all Denise and Aaron want," said Russo.

Muller's new request for a public defender means he will not cross examine his victims as he was expected to if he representing himself during a preliminary hearing this week just days before Quinn and Huskins' wedding.

"I think that's a great thing for both of them," said Russo.

Muller's next hearing is scheduled for October.

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