Vallejo PD says Sean Monterrosa was at half-kneel when he was fatally shot in back of head by officer

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Thursday, July 9, 2020
Vallejo PD says Sean Monterrosa was shot in back of head by officer
The body camera footage from the fatal shooting of a suspected looter in a Vallejo Walgreens has been released. Officers now say Sean Monterrosa was shot in the back of the head while at a half-kneel.

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- New video shows the moments when a young man suspected of looting was shot and killed by an officer at a Vallejo Walgreens.

Vallejo Police have released body cam video from that night on June 1.

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Family and community members have rallied over the past several weeks for this action to be taken.

Now that is has, they are calling for the officer who fired the shots to be disciplined. They're also calling for the chief of police to step down.

The video shows gunshots fired by a police officer from inside an unmarked Vallejo PD pickup truck.

The officer who pulled the trigger actually fired the shots through the front windshield.

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Police released the body camera video on Wednesday. It shows their response to a looting call at a Walgreens location. None of the video shows Monterrosa before the shots and Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams spoke to that Wednesday, "No we don't have dash cam video. We are releasing as much video as we can for the public."

After the shots are fired you can hear an officer describing what had just happened, "What did he point at us? Hey he pointed a gun at us," says the unnamed officer. That officer went on to say, "I thought that ------ was armed!"

Another officer can be heard saying, "I thought he was armed too dude you're alright, you're alright. Take some deep breaths, take some deep breaths."

Officers have confirmed that Monterrosa did not have a gun but did have a large hammer in his waist belt.

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Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams described how the moments played out, "He was in a crouching half kneeling position, his hands were in his waist band when he turned towards officers, the officers perceived the butt of a gun and they shot. That's accurate, that's factual."

Family members of Monterrosa are upset saying that what happened shouldn't have happened.

"Not only do we want to prosecute, we need Shawny Williams to step down too," said Sean Monterrosa's sister Michelle.

Chief Shawny Williams, who has been in charge for just 7 months, wouldn't comment on that but did confirm to us where Monterrosa was shot during what the department is now calling a half kneel saying, "He was struck in the back of the head."

The chief wouldn't say if the officer who fired the shots has been disciplined. He also wouldn't say if he's still on the street.