6-year-old critically injured in shooting at family Christmas Eve gathering in Vallejo

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- A 6-year-old is in critical condition after the child was shot during a family Christmas Eve gathering in Vallejo.

Vallejo police responded to Ohio and Mariposa Streets around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Kendrah Black and her fiance Glenn Samones say this is the last Christmas they'll spend in the Vallejo home after bullets entered their home.

"Everyone was just screaming we were like 'get down, get down,'" said Black.

One bullet in the direct path of Kendrah's dad got lodged in the wall.

"It would have went through and hit him," Samones said. "The second one it hit through here broke through the curtain rod and then exited over there."

Black said she thought she might die.

"I honestly thought so because the bullet flew through our faces about this far, in front of me and my brother's face," she said motioning towards her face.

Police did not initially find a victim. Later they learned a 6-year-old was shot in the torso.

When Vallejo police arrived the victim was already gone taken to a local hospital perhaps by a family member in a private vehicle.

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"I'm praying that this boy makes it," said Samones.

So are neighbors.

"I really feel bad about that because he's 6 years old, you know 6 years old he had nothing to do with this thing," said Gina Montalvo.

Police gathered evidence like bullets through cars and even the bullet that went all the way through the home where Black, fiance and her family were celebrating Christmas Eve.

"We just feel extremely blessed right now," said Black.

A memorable Christmas, far from what they had imagined this season.

Detectives are still looking for information on the shooting.

Police have not announced any arrests.
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