Venezuelan clown shifts career focus from entertaining to educating public about COVID-19

CARACAS, Venezuela (KGO) -- Given the birthday party business has been practically nonexistent since the start of the pandemic, a clown in Caracas, Venezuela has recently been using his talents to educate people on the dangers of COVID-19.

Professional clown Jorge Felix Moreno says that his goofy getup allows him to talk to people about serious subjects during his regular public transit performances.

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He'll board buses all day, performing magic tricks and pranks along his routes.

Then, he'll warn passengers about the dangers of the deadly virus, and asks riders to wear a facemask.

Moreno uses his skills as a clown to get through people in a funny way to raise awareness about COVID-19.

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Moreno has been a clown for 30 years and has no other profession.

While not making as much money as he used to, Moreno says this new modality has helped him make do during the worst moment of his career.

But more importantly, he feels that his entertaining the people during these difficult times and offering messages of care and hope is the most important aspect of what he now does.

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He also whistles at cars that run red light-- and walks the elderly and disabled across the street.
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