Victoria's Secret ad campaign ignites outrage across social media

Friday, October 31, 2014
Victoria's Secret advertisement
Victoria's Secret advertisement

Victoria's Secret is under fire for an ad featuring models in skimpy lingerie, but it's not the photos causing controversy.

It's the words in the ad -- three small but powerful words.

The ad features the same models you see in TV commercials, but what has critics upset is the words printed across the pictures saying "the perfect body."

Many say that sends a damaging message to women that everyone should look like the models.

"When someone looks at that, the tendency is to measure themselves against that ad," __ Sarah Maria said.

Critics started an online petition demanding Victoria's Secret change the words.

Victoria's Secret says the word "body" actually refers to a line of lingerie called "Body by Victoria."

It did not respond to the petition as of yet. However, the ad was still up on the company website on Thursday.