The Game Preserve is a blast from the past!

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Thursday, May 13, 2021
The Game Preserve is a blast from the past!
Brush up your Pac Man skills - The Game Preserve will take you back in time, with almost every classic arcade game you can imagine! 🕹ī¸

THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Remember the days of Pac Man and Space Invaders? The Game Preserve will help you relive your childhood days spent at the arcade!

The 6,500 square foot dream arcade in The Woodlands, TX, is filled with more than 125 classic arcade games and pinball machines.

We really tried to bring that 80s arcade feel back, said Ken Graham, one of The Game Preserves owners. We wanted a fun, safe, family-friendly place where people could go and enjoy the fruits of our collecting.

Several game collectors first opened The Game Preserve in The Woodlands six years ago, and have since opened a second location near NASAs Johnson Space Center.

Rather than operating on quarters, all of the games are on free play mode.

To check out both locations, go to