VIDEO: Keith Armstrong on Yountville shooting: 'This is not what veterans are'

YOUNTVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- A "Celebration of Life" was held on Wednesday to remember the three women -- Dr. Jennifer Gray Golick, Christine Loeber and Dr. Jennifer Gonzales Shushereba -- who died at a veterans center in Yountville. VITAL and Student Affairs Health Program SF Veterans Affairs Health Care System Director Keith Armstrong spoke at the memorial, making it clear that what happened on March 9 was not representative of all veterans.

"For those who do not work with veterans or have much contact with them, I want to make something really clear. Our departed colleagues were passionate about working with that group of Americans and not as dispensers of charity on the afflicted," he said. "To those who might be tempted, please be wary of the easy narrative of veterans as an irreparably broken, miserable and dangerous group of people. The events of March 9, 2018 are unfathomably tragic. This is not what veterans are."

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