Video shows flight crew swatting at swarm of mosquitos on Volaris flight

ByKellie Highet of Storyful KGO logo
Thursday, October 12, 2023
Cabin crew fights off mosquito swarm that delays flight
Video shows crew members doing their best to swat at the mosquitos in order to get passengers to their destination safely.

MEXICO -- One would think thousands of feet in the air, you would be safe from a swarm of mosquitoes.

A Volaris flight traveling within from Guadalajara to Mexico City on Friday was delayed due to a mosquito infestation, local media reported.

Flight history for VOI221 on shows that the scheduled departure time of 4:30 pm CST was delayed until 6:59 pm CST. The flight was halted for over two hours as cabin crew members swatted at the pesky bugs.

Video taken by passenger Elizabeth Corona shows the flight crew spraying insect repellent as the mosquitoes buzzed around the cabin.

Corona said the mosquitos did not stop until the lights were turned off, Storyful reported.

Local media said Guadalajara International Airport has a history of mosquitoes impacting flights. In 2019, there was a social media post of a similar experience, officials said.