Vondell Designs' handcrafted jewelry aims to raise awareness for Black Lives Matter movement

CHICAGO -- Vondell Cummings creates beautiful, handcrafted jewelry with style and purpose. Her Black Lives Matter bracelets are raising awareness, sparking conversation and supporting an entire movement.

"I wanted to bring awareness to political injustice. I hope that my pieces inspire an open dialogue and to make an uncomfortable conversation a little bit more comfortable," Cummings said.

Vondell said her interest in gemstones started at a young age.

"When I was a child my parents bought me a rock set with the descriptions of the stones and that sparked my interest in gemstones," she said.

In 2020, Vondell incorporated Black Lives Matter pieces into her line in hopes of raising awareness of social injustice.

"As a mother of two adult sons with six grandkids, Black lives truly matter to me and I just want them to have a level playing field with equal opportunity," Cummings said.

In addition to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, Vondell supports other causes as well.

"I do make donations to some causes. Other important causes to me are MS and breast cancer awareness," she said. "The overall response has been very positive."

To purchase a piece by Vondell, visit her Etsy page Vondell Designs.