San Francisco utility workers prepare for incoming storms

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco Public Utilities Commission employees spent Friday afternoon cleaning catch basins ahead of Saturday's storm, and the five days of rain that could follow.

A sign next to one catch basin in the Bayview warms "Do not dump garbage or refuse. Violators subject to arrest and fines up to $1,000."

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The Bay Area will be hit with a 2 on the Storm Impact Scale.

The San Francisco Department of Public Works is also prepared. They're giving away sandbags.

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The sandbags are available for pickup 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday at Marin and Kansas Streets. They weigh 40 pounds and are free for San Francisco residents who can pick up as many as 10.

Public Works is also prepared for high winds.

"We do have tree crews that are on standby. We know when there's water on the ground and there are high winds trees are more prone to failure. So, we want to be able to get out of there quickly remove any trees that may be down or big branches that are down," said San Francisco Public Works Spokesperson Rachel Gordon.

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Public Works also wants to encourage residents to do their part from trimming trees on your property to picking up trash and debris.

"If everyone pitches in that can help the situation," said Gordon.

Officials say if you see a tree or a branch down call 311. They say if you see a downed power line to call 911.

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