Tornado carves path of destruction through small community outside Seattle

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. (KGO) -- A massive funnel cloud formed in Port Orchard, Washington-- 45 miles outside Seattle.

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The confirmed tornado, which pummeled through suburban neighborhoods on a stormy Tuesday afternoon, was a surprise, believed to be just the second tornado ever to touch down in Kitsap County.

Resident, Jerry Rice said, "When we were looking out the window at the rain when it was just really coming down hard and we started hearing this kind of a roaring noise and I asked my son 'What the heck is that?' And that's about the time that the wind hit and it just went nuts."

The twister hit without time for a warning, destroying homes, peeling away roofs and ripping up giant trees.

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Firefighters checked inside damaged homes-- there are no official reports of injuries or deaths.

And while the tornado has passed, the danger is not over. There are active power lines down and gas companies are checking for leaks.

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