What Really Matters: The Super Bowl Effect

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In his weekly on-air commentary, ABC7 New anchor Dan Ashley offers a few thoughts on the Super Bowl match-up between the 49ers and the Chiefs.

Super Bowl Sunday has become something of a national holiday where roughly 100 million Americans will tune-in with friends and family to watch the game and the commercials.

I've never been a big fan of attending Super Bowl parties myself-- how about you?

I prefer to focus on the game (and the commercials!) as I like to play close attention to the action on the field and to hear what the commentators are saying about it.

I watch each year no matter who is playing but, of course, with a local team in the championship game there is that much more to enjoy! These are stressful times for many people and the Super Bowl is a brief chance to bring folks together here and to export something positive and uniquely American to the rest of the world.

Each week, ABC7 News Anchor Dan Ashley offers commentary on the important issues affecting people where you live. Here's a look back at previous segments.
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