Gabby Petito lawsuit: Brian Laundrie was 'emotional bully,' family suit says

The family's lawsuit accused officers of failing to properly investigate the incident that preceded Petito's death

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Saturday, March 4, 2023
Investigation completed in Petito, Laundrie domestic incident in Utah
An investigation into a domestic violence incident involving Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie in Moab City, Utah back in August is now complete.

NEW YORK -- Brian Laundrie "seemed like a mental and emotional bully" to a Utah police officer who responded to a domestic call weeks before Gabby Petito was beaten to death, according to an amended lawsuit filed Wednesday night by Petito's parents.

The video featured is from a previous report.

Moab officer Eric Pratt responded to a call from a witness who reported seeing Laundrie hitting Petito.

The officers separated the couple for the night but, according to the lawsuit, treated Laundrie like the victim instead of the aggressor.

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A selfie taken by Gabby Petito weeks before her death shows she had facial injuries on the day she and Brian Laundrie were stopped by Moab police.

"Officer Pratt has also admitted, 'I thought he was an emotional threat to her. I thought he was a mental threat to her.' Similarly, he says he concluded during the traffic stop that Brian 'seemed like a mental and emotional bully,'" the amended complaint said.

"Officer Pratt has also colorfully admitted, 'I know these kind of guys. Brian didn't get away with anything for being cute. Brian showed more red flags than a Chinese communist rally.'"

The family's lawsuit accused Pratt and other officers of failing to properly investigate the incident that preceded Petito's death and said "Gabby's murder might have been prevented if the officers had acted properly."

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