Neighbor blocks San Francisco alleyway with plywood wall to keep out homeless people, drug dealers

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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First, Clinton Park neighbors bought boulders to keep homeless people and drug dealers off their sidewalk. In another San Francisco community, one resident is resorting to plywood.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- First, neighbors in San Francisco's Clinton Park bought boulders to keep homeless people and drug dealers off their sidewalk.

Now, in Ingleside, a neighbor who did not want to be identified placed a plywood wall to keep the same type of crowd out of an alleyway.

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"Once again San Francisco not taking care of its mentally ill and not taking care of the drug problem that is terrifying the entire city," said the Vice-chair of the Ocean Avenue Association, Miles Escobedo.

It terrified many in this neighborhood, which led to this - A plywood blockade that according to the neighbor who placed it, was approved and they received a permit by the city of San Francisco.

After three to four days of blocking the "Ingleside Path" other neighbors complained and it was removed.

"I did not agree with the blockade at all. That was a very nuclear decision and that was the big issue. Why board it up? That's a circumstance of fear. Which is almost worse. We should not be scared. We should be able to contact our local authorities," said Escobedo.

The anonymous neighbor who placed the plywood wall did not want to go on camera, but in a statement to ABC7 news said in part:

"This walkway has been a burden on city resources for some time now. The walkway requires multiple trips a week for power washing and city records confirm that over 100 calls were received for emergency services."

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Residents are not the only ones complaining about the drug use and drug dealing in the alley. Several business owners say they have seen a decrease in business due to safety issues.

"The city has completely forgotten about this particular alley that always will be complained about. Just to keep it nice and clean and get rid of all these people there," said business owner, Tim Zaracotas.

Ingleside neighbors are set to meet on Wednesday. Oct. 16 at 6 pm at the Ingleside Library to discuss the alley.

ABC7 News contacted San Francisco Public Works Department and Supervisor Norman Yee for comment. Both offices are closed due to the holiday.

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