Cruise passenger hit with huge wireless bill, even after checking with provider Xfinity

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Surprise cell bill for travelers bigger than cost of cruise
Xfinity sent the Pinole man the unwelcome news via text just three days into his trip. His bill had already hit $3,700. Within a few more days it had ballooned to $8,700.

PINOLE, Calif. (KGO) -- Before you embark on that long-delayed dream vacation, don't forget to make arrangements with your wireless carrier. One Pinole family thought they did that, only to receive an unpleasant surprise in the middle of their trip.

Two dolphins can be heard squealing as Dany Paredes and his family swims around them in Puerto Vallarta.

"The weather was perfect. It was not too hot. Not too cold," said Paredes.

The seven-day cruise also included stops in Mazatlan and Cabo.

Paredes did everything he thought he needed to do prior to starting his trip -- including calling Xfinity to make sure he could use his cell phone onboard the ship.

"The guy told me that I don't need anything. I'm covered. 'Go ahead, you can use your own phone freely,"' Paredes recalled him saying.

Paredes said he asked the same question numerous times and got the same answer.

"I asked if there's going to be an extra charge for it and he say it's not going to be an extra charge. So that's why I use it," Paredes said.

Xfinity sent him the unwelcome news via text just three days into his trip. His bill had already hit $3,700.

He called to complain, so he says they put him on a global travel package that would cost him $15 a day for three phones.

But by day six, his bill had jumped to $6,000.

That's more than the total cost of his cruise for his wife, son and himself: $3,800.

He says an Xfinity rep promised to take care of it for him.

"They were very nice talking to me. But you know, then they did nothing. And I was keep calling, calling, calling, every week, calling, calling, calling and they told me the same thing," Paredes said.

He called 7 on Your Side and within four hours he says Xfinity agreed to wipe out his bill.

An Xfinity rep told us: "We apologize for the misunderstanding, as cruises are not covered under the global travel pass. Therefore, Mr. Paredes was being charged a 'pay as you go.'"

The company agreed to zero his bill of $8,700.

"$8,700 is not talking about $50. It's a lot of money," said Paredes. "I really appreciate what you guys are doing for people like me."

Read Xfinity's travel policies here.

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