Sunnyvale WWII veteran receives more than 500 birthday cards, gifts with daughter's help

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Bay Area WWII veteran receives more than 500 birthday cards, gifts
A Bay Area World War II veteran has received more than 500 cards and gifts for his 95th birthday, after his daughter reached out to ABC7 News to spread the word of his big day.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (KGO) -- We have an update on a special story that is near and dear to our hearts and from the looks of things, to your heart too.

Sunnyvale's John Atwell, who is a World War II veteran, recently turned 95.

His daughter Julie wrote a reporter of ours asking if anyone might be willing to send a birthday card to her dad.

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She said the pandemic has been tough for him because he's all by himself.

We posted John's picture online along with the request.

That was just over a month ago and to date, he has received more than 500 cards and gifts. In fact, the special notes keep on coming too.

They've come from as far as Germany, France, and Taiwan but also most of the United States.

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One card blew up with confetti that he is still cleaning up.

A general in Hawaii sent John a medallion he had given to his men during his service.

Julie says he is reading each and every card and still has many to go.

He saves them all and reads her his favorites every Wednesday when she visits.

Many of the cards are long letters from sons and daughters whose parents also served in WWII.