Sip on authentic bubble tea with a modern twist at YAAAS Tea

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Friday, August 13, 2021
Sip on delicious boba at YAAAS Tea on Long Island
Taking inspiration from her roots in Fujian China, Kelly Zhou opened YAAAS Tea to provide the Long Island community with her authentic flavors and tasty bubble teas.

FARMINGDALE, New York -- Taking a sip into bubble tea is an experience, but when you try what YAAAS Tea has to offer it becomes something more.

YAAAS Tea owner Kelly Zhou created her authentic recipes from her roots in Fujian, China.

"My childhood was filled with happy memories associated with tea," said Zhou.

According to Zhu, one of the most famous states for tea in Fujian, China.

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After moving to the United States when she was a teenager, Zhou went to college to receive her computer science degree while at the same time working in the restaurant industry.

"It was a no-brainer after I graduated," said Zhou. "Two things come together I have the technology, I have the experience, and most importantly, my passion for tea," said Zhou.

Her shop offers a wide variety of milk teas, green teas, coffees, brulees, and Chinese desserts.

"I think people love boba because it has just so much variety with all the fun things you can get," said Josh Warshauer, a customer. "It's just really eye-catching, very colorful, and it's fun."

One of their most popular drinks is the brown sugar boba, which is made with fresh brown sugar boba tapioca pearls and finished off with a roasted flame with their blow torch.

"It's my dream for one day to be a role model for the younger generation," said Zhou. "Especially for younger women who have a passion, who have a vision, who want to achieve more through hard work and love what I do."

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Zhou loves that her shop has become a hot spot in the community for people to come in and try something different that tastes delicious!


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