Alameda Co. sheriff's deputy arrested for double homicide after surrendering in Central CA: police

Thursday, September 8, 2022
Alameda Co. sheriff's deputy arrested in double homicide: police
Alameda County sheriff's deputy Devin Williams Jr. is in custody, arrested in connection with the murder of two people in a Dublin home.

DUBLIN, Calif. (KGO) -- An Alameda County sheriff's deputy is in custody, arrested in connection with the murder of two people in a Dublin home.

Dublin police were called to the home just after midnight Wednesday. That deputy turned himself in nearly 11 hours later.

"I could never imagine something like this happening," said neighbor Suresh Sandasani. "It's a very quiet neighborhood."

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That silence was brutally broken when police got a 911 call at around 12:45 Wednesday morning.

"The caller and said that there was an intruder that had come into the house," said Dublin Police Chief Garrett Holmes. "That was brandishing a firearm, and ultimately fired that firearm and killing two people in our community."

That caller was an eyewitness.

Investigators aren't identifying the victims yet, but say they were a married 58-year old man and 42-year-old woman. They say they had a juvenile child and two other people visiting their home.

Neighbor Gabriela Gonzalez said she didn't know the two, but was startled awake by what she now believes were the gunshots.

She says she went to her window and saw the same car that police later released as the suspect's vehicle.

"I saw the car turn on, and it sped just down this down the lane and took a sharp turn," Gonzalez said, "Within five minutes of that car turning, the one squad car arrived and after he got out, my windows were open. So I heard him say 'I've got two down.'"

The suspect was Alameda County Sheriff's Deputy Devin Williams, who has been with the agency for a year. "It's a great loss for our community, and it's even more disheartening to find out that it was one of our own that actually was the trigger person behind this tragic incident," Holmes said.

Williams had been on the run for nearly 11 hours but, just as ABC7 cameras were setting up for a press conference at Dublin Police Department headquarters, police delayed the conference for what they said were significant developments.

Behind the windows of their front desk, police and deputies were seen rushing back and forth.

Investigators later confirmed that was the moment the suspect was calling to turn himself in.

Police say Williams was on the phone with Chief Holmes for about 45 minutes Wednesday as Holmes convinced him to surrender.

"We are grateful that the suspect surrendered without incident, and appreciate the efforts of California Highway Patrol and other agencies, who helped apprehend the suspect," said Dublin PD.

"During that conversation, we were able to keep him on the phone line and direct the CHP units down to the area near Coalinga to take the suspect safely into custody," Holmes said.

Now the work continues into finding out what Williams' motive was. Alameda County sheriff's say he had no history of mental health concerns but lately had some recent struggles.

"In the last several months of his life, some significant events happened that led up to this moment," Lt. Ray Kelly with the Alameda County Sheriff's Office said, "A lot of those events went undiscovered and undisclosed and we're going to be looking into that."

Because of the nature of the homicide, Lt. Kelly says the investigation will have to be handled differently from other homicide investigations.

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