'She's a superstar': 49ers players congratulate Katie Sowers on being first female to coach in a Super Bowl

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Friday, January 31, 2020
49ers players congratulate Katie Sowers on being first female to coach in a Super Bowl
49ers' Katie Sowers is the first woman to coach in a Super Bowl. When we asked players if they were proud of her, we got the coolest responses.

MIAMI (KGO) -- San Francisco 49ers coach Katie Sowers is the first woman to ever coach in a Super Bowl.

There are only a handful of female coaches in the NFL, and none have been a part of the big game, until now.

ABC7 News spoke to several players about this accomplishment.

The response was overwhelming pride and excitement for not just their coach, but for a woman, many consider a good friend.

Tight end George Kittle was a rookie at the same time as Sowers.

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"We kinda shared the same, 'hey we're just kinda getting our feet wet, you know, and worked together a little bit here and there."

"Coach Sowers is incredible," he said. "Her work ethic is incredible."

Jimmy Garoppolo agrees.

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"Katie - She's awesome," he said.

"She's grinding. She's a grinder. And that's why I appreciate her."

Full back Kyle Juszczyk says, "Katie has been absolutely phenomenal."

She works with receivers, so Juszczyk feels confident going to her with questions about routes.

With her impressive football IQ, she's paving the pathway for future female coaches in the league.

"Just to see you know, a female excel in this line of work, I think is inspiring for all of us," he said.

Inspiring was the word of the day. At a table full of players, each one seemed to use that adjective while describing their coach.

"She's empowering to all women," said defensive tackle DJ Jones. "I'm proud of her. She's a superstar."

Empowering. And apparently, pretty tough.

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"She doesn't shy away from anything," linebacker Elijah Lee said. "She stays strong and courageous, and I have nothing but respect for her."

Linebacker Demetrius Flannigan-Moore believes Sowers is opening the door for more women in the NFL.

"She's not going to be the only one. There's going to be more in the future. I think for her to take that first step is a big thing for the community," he said.

It's clear that Katie is not just a great coach, but a great friend.

"Katie's my dog," said Dre Greenlaw. "I'm excited that the step that she took laid the foundation for other women."

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