49er Frenchies! These Bay Area French bulldogs are the official team support animals for the Niners

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Saturday, January 22, 2022
49ers secret weapon? Bay Area Frenchies on their support team
As the 49ers gear up for their big playoff game in Green Bay, a pair of French bulldogs from the Bay Area are playing a role in the team's success!

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As the San Francisco 49ers gear up for their playoff game against Green Bay on Saturday, a pair of French bulldogs from the Bay Area are playing a role in the team's success!

As if the custom jerseys, strollers and even dog-print face masks are any indications, Jaymar Del Rosario and his family and their Frenchies are full of Niner pride.

But is not just a family of human 49er Faithful, it's FRENCHIE FAITHFUL, and these precious pooches have the extra-special distinction of being part of the official 49ers family.

"These are the first emotional support dogs in the NFL" says Del Rosario.

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It all started in 2018 when Jaymar, one of the family owners of Got Frenchie French Bulldog breeders, got a somewhat suspicious-sounding call.

"I thought someone had called me and played a trick, saying this is so and so from the 49ers. I thought it was a joke at first!" he exclaimed.

It was anything but a joke.

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The 49ers wanted an official emotional support animal for their players. Zoe came first and shortly after, the team got Rookie.

"For them to allow us to be a part of the 49ers family, it's the best feeling," says Jaymar.

Players have also gotten their own personal Frenchies, and not just members the 49ers.

"Arik Armstead... he's from Sacramento, he's local... NaVorro Bowman, Ben Simmons... man there's too much on the list!"

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Jaymar says French bulldogs make excellent companions.

"They're loving, they're caring and I think that's why a lot of players have these dogs. They want to be cuddled and played with and want attention. That's what's make them so special."

But no matter what purpose your dog serves, Got Frenchies just hope for one thing: a Niners Win.

You can follow both Zoe and Rookie on Instagram at @The49ersFrenchies and @GotFrenchieFamily.

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