Super Bowl 2020: '49ers Mom' has strategy for winning in Miami

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Saturday, February 1, 2020
'49ers Mom' has strategy for winning in Miami
"49ers Mom," Kitten Troutt has a strategy for winning the Super Bowl in Miami.

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- When you are an ultimate sports fan, you who have sports memorabilia that no one else in the world has, like the chin strap of #87 Dwight Clark.

"I talked to (Clark), shortly before he passed. We ended up having a very beautiful conversation," says Kitten Troutt. She's no ordinary San Francisco 49ers fans. She's an ultimate fan.

Troutt's love affair with the 49ers goes back to the 1940s. She went to games with her father as little girl, and later with her late husband. "I have never missed a game," she says.

The 49ers room in her Santa Rosa house is a mini-museum of priceless memorabilia like Super Bowl tickets, autographs and souvenir pins. And then there are the pictures with players, like Steve Young and Jerry Rice, pictures taken with the team at games, social events and dinners at her house.

When asked who her favorite player is, she answers, "I can't! It's like saying who is your favorite child. I can't do it!"

But she admits to having a soft spot for 1980s star Keena Turner, and there is a section of one of the walls dedicated to Joe Montana.

Last year, Kitten was inducted in the sport fans Hall of Fame in Canton, even getting her own trading card and ring.

She's affectionately known as the "49ers Mom" and calls the players her "kids." She has met this year's group of kids like Jimmy G, Kittle and Bosa. She has advice for them on how to win on Sunday.

"It's easy to get wrapped in the enthusiasm and the cheering and the sounds. You got to totally cut that out, and just stay totally focused," says Trout.

And she would know - she's been to all five 49ers Super Bowl games.

As for Sunday's Super Bowl, Kitten won't be going to Miami because of a knee injury.

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