Camp Fire survivor helps young furloughed lawyer with student loan payment during government shutdown

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- We have a happy update to a story about a young lawyer, furloughed during the government shutdown.

An unlikely donor stepped in to help out, after she received support after fleeing her Northern California home from wildfires just a few months ago.

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26-year-old Nche Onimya is a lawyer for the federal government, who started in September and was furloughed in December.

Chris Mills is a Camp Fire survivor who says she wanted to pay it forward.

The two met today at Chris' apartment in San Francisco.

"I just wanted somebody to feel as loved as I've been loved since the fire, and tag you're it," she said.

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The Camp Fire destroyed the Northern California City of Paradise, and is the state's costliest and most destructive fire ever.

Chris lost everything as she drove off, barely escaping with her life.

"I could hear tires popping around me from the heat," she said.

Since then she's been putting her life back together, and when she saw ABC7's story about Nche not being able to make the first payment on her student loans, she mailed her a check.

"I feel like my issues are so small compared to hers, but for her still wanting to give back it's so overwhelming," Nche said.

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Chris said there's a little something extra in the check if she needs to buy groceries.

Nche goes back to work on Monday, but she's not sure when she'll get paid.

When she does, she's going to look for an opportunity to pay it forward as well.

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