How to make the 'Great Resignation' work for you and your career

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Saturday, October 23, 2021
How to make the 'Great Resignation' work for you and your career
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As the pandemic caused many to lose their jobs -- or reconsider the ones they have -- workers are reprioritizing what's important in their careers.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The "Great Resignation": there sure are a great many headlines about it. Plenty of Reddit posts, too. On his Facebook page, 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney asked if anyone had joined in on The Big Quit, and found some people question if it's happening at all.

So, is it real?

Alisa Cohen is an executive career coach, she says you betcha.

"Some people are actually calling them their 'pandemic epiphanies,' and career is one place where people are having those epiphanies," she said.

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There are a lot of epiphanies.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics say about three percent of workers quite their jobs in August, an all-time high since records have been kept. That means more than four million workers have walked out the door... and that's been going on for months now.

Jerry Milenback is one of them.

"I actually do consider myself part of the 'Great Resignation,'" Milenback said.

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Milenback changed careers when he left the Bay Area for the Sierra foothills. He is now an executive recruiter, a guy who tries to make the "Great Resignation" work for others.

He says workers are looking for two things.

"The jobs and the skill sets are out there, so they are going to want higher pay. Now that I am in the foothills I am seeing (higher pay) come this way," he said. "The second is the work-life balance, going further into the hybrid remote work."

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That is what most want. If you are considering quitting your job, know exactly what you want.

"What skills and strengths, not only do you have, but want to keep using," Cohen says, "and really importantly, what type of work environment and culture do you want to work in? This is the time to rethink that."

Cohen says job postings have changed along with the workplace.

Now, you will often find a location listed as only someplace the job candidate must be able to get to within a day... meaning you can work almost anywhere in America.

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