7 On Your Side: Sports team credit cards offer good deals

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If you want to flash your team spirit when using your credit card there are a lot of options out there, but are the cards worth carrying. 7 On Your Side looked into that.

We have reported that you have to be really selective when picking a college co-branded credit card because many of them don't offer any perks at all. But sports teams are a completely different story.

San Francisco resident Tony Frasier is wearing San Francisco 49ers gear, but he is a card-carrying San Francisco Giants fan. He has a Giants credit card.

"The team is taking care of me, I am going to take care of them," Frasier said.

Credit cards co-branded with sports teams are beginning to catch on.

Founder and CEO of Wallaby Financial Matthew Goldman says, "We found there are always great cards for sports teams, if you are a huge fan you can wear your team pride on the card and some of them have great cash back or points deals that can really save you money over the course of a year."

His recent survey of co-branded team cards has found him liking them as much as the fans do.

San Francisco resident Andrea Mayfield got a 49ers credit card last year and says she loves having it, since the 49ers are her team.

Goldman says the 49ers card is one of the best out there, offering extra points for NFL merchandise and even lends a hand in paying for those high priced NFL tickets.

"It also lets you finance your NFL tickets, so we know NFL tickets are very expensive, I think the average for a 49ers game is $117 now, and so you can get zero percent financing for five months. But you also earn double points on NFL purchases and that can really save you money, along with discounts at the NFL store or teams shops. And if you really spend a lot of money on it, you can redeem 200,000 of those points for a Super Bowl experience. That's a lot of spending though," Goldman said.

To check out the cards for the teams you are interested in you can check out the Walla.by website here.
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