East Bay woman's organizing skills helping nursery support community

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Some of us can barely keep our closets organized, but one woman in the East Bay has taken up the task of organizing thousands of donated items to help those in her community, and in turn prevent child abuse.

Dori Freitas volunteers roughly eight hours a day in the weeks leading up to a community garage sale. She makes sure each donated item has a place to go so children in her community have a place to go when they need it most.

Tara Bartholomew says Freitas volunteering gives her small team time to work. Tara is the executive director of the Bay Area Crisis Nursery, where up to 20 children, under the age of five whose families are going through a crisis like homelessness, mental illness, domestic violence or even a health emergency, can stay for free.

Thank you, Dori Freitas. Your selfless work is helping to build a better Bay Area.

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