Dan Noyes | ABC7 KGO News Team
Dan Noyes is the chief investigative reporter for the ABC7 News I-Team in San Francisco. He has received many industry awards, including 15 Emmys.

He worked for CNN, ABC News in Washington, D.C. and several television news magazines before joining ABC7 News.

Dan traveled on presidential campaigns, tracked a suspected Nazi war criminal to Germany, investigated the slaughter of near-extinct black rhinos in Zimbabwe, and exposed a Bay Area priest for molesting dozens of children. The priest was eventually convicted and sent to prison.

Dan lives in Marin County, has a passion for greyhound rescue and surfing. He's most proud of his sons, including a former U.S. Marine; both are now in college.

Dan's Stories
Threats of gun violence, protests prompt increased security at CA Capitol
"Sometimes people say, well, it's just trolls, people are just saying things. But unfortunately, it becomes real life." A California state senator received threats of gun violence during a public hearing last week. Now, he's talking to the ABC7 I-Team about the importance of new, intense security at the State Capitol.
Retired Oakland cop attended US Capitol riot, OPD internal affairs investigation underway
The former OPD cop says not everyone rallying in DC was part of storming the Capitol, and even shows a video to back his claims that Antifa was involved in the initial push into the building.
'Tear gas everywhere': CA Proud Boy's video of US Capitol riot could be used as evidence against group
The member gave ABC7's I-Team permission to show this video, but it could become a problem for the group. It confirms that a national leader of the Proud Boys was there, leading dozens of members as they rushed the building:
Trump supporters clash with counter-protesters during rally in Sacramento
Trump supporters rallied at the state capitol in Sacramento, including several fringe groups -- the Proud Boys, the 3-Percenters, and some self-described militias. I-Team Reporter Dan Noyes was in the middle of it.
2 doctors plead guilty in connection to COVID-19 antibody test fraud case against South Bay biotech company
Two doctors face a maximum of ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine after pleading guilty to "conspiracy to commit health care fraud."
Bay Area moms testify in Rome trial, sons charged with killing police officer
It was a dramatic day of testimony in the trial of two Bay Area college students, charged with the murder of an Italian police officer. Their mothers took the stand, and faced the victim's widow in court.
'Hot Cop of the Castro' speaks exclusively to ABC7 I-Team about starting new life after jail
Remember the "Hot Cop of the Castro?" San Francisco police officer Chris Kohrs went from local social media heartthrob to worldwide internet sensation. For the first time since serving his jail sentence, Kohrs is telling his story after asking the I-Team's Dan Noyes to interview him.
Zodiac Killer's '340 Cipher' sent to SF Chronicle 51 years ago reportedly solved by code experts
"I hope you are having lots of fun in trying to catch me," part of the cipher read.
East Bay Regional Parks suspends shooting cats after I-Team investigation
The East Bay Regional Park District has suspended a program to shoot cats after an I-Team investigation found park staff killed at least 18 this year.
I-TEAM: East Bay Regional Park Dist. staff admit to shooting cats, policy sparks controversy
"It's not okay": The East Bay Regional Park District has a little-known policy that is now the center of controversy -- park staff shoot and kill cats that may pose a danger to wildlife.