Dan Noyes | ABC7 KGO News Team
Dan Noyes is the chief investigative reporter for the ABC7 News I-Team in San Francisco. He has received many industry awards, including 15 Emmys.

He worked for CNN, ABC News in Washington, D.C. and several television news magazines before joining ABC7 News.

Dan traveled on presidential campaigns, tracked a suspected Nazi war criminal to Germany, investigated the slaughter of near-extinct black rhinos in Zimbabwe, and exposed a Bay Area priest for molesting dozens of children. The priest was eventually convicted and sent to prison.

Dan lives in Marin County, has a passion for greyhound rescue and surfing. He's most proud of his sons, including a former U.S. Marine; both are now in college.

Dan's Stories
Car break-in victim tracks stolen camera and gear to SF, gets surprising response from police
When Justin Schuck called the police to report he had located his stolen camera and gear worth $24,000, he was frustrated by the response he received. Police knew the location he was talking about as a "known fencing operation." So why hasn't it been shut down?
Former Oakland police chief LeRonne Armstrong claims report proves unfair firing
"I've said from the onset of this that I was not guilty of any of these allegations that the facts will come out in this case and when the facts did come out, I felt like I will be vindicated."
Oakland's affluent neighborhoods seeing increase in violent home invasion robberies, data shows
The numbers are up, and we have new details about the victims, the perpetrators, and exactly where in Oakland it's happening.
Sonoma Co. school principal under criminal investigation for unauthorized credit card charges
This now-former principal is well-known at several of the Bay Area's Catholic high schools. He worked at Riordan in San Francisco, Marin Catholic and now has been forced out of St. Vincent De Paul in Petaluma.
East Bay mother devastated after son's teen killer strikes plea deal, lowering sentence
"I just feel like the system is just, it really just failed me." Alameda County prosecutors have informed a San Leandro mother that the teenage gang member who shot and killed her son in January will be back on the streets in as little as four years.
Ex-San Rafael officers charged with excessive force; gardener still traumatized from beating
"He's still experiencing some of the trauma, the assault, and things are triggers for him and seeing the officers face to face definitely would have been that," the attorney for gardener Julio Lopez said, a year after the bloody confrontation.
Series of home invasions target Asian families in Oakland Hills, police sources tell I-Team
Approximately 50 home invasion robberies have targeted elderly Asian families in the Oakland Hills, and they may be connected to a small group of criminals, according to law enforcement sources.
Marin Co. gardener files federal lawsuit over beating by San Rafael police due to open beer
Gardener Julio Lopez's attorney tells us he wants his day in court and for a jury to decide the case. "Maybe they shouldn't have been drinking a beer there. But that wasn't conduct that in any way justified the level of violence that these officers inflicted on him."
FROM THE ARCHIVE: RFK Jr. battles Bay Area company to save Bahamas coral reef from development
With Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. in the headlines recently, here's a look at the time we followed the environmental lawyer to the Bahamas where he was fighting to save coral reefs from a Bay Area construction company's development.
Alameda Co. DA files criminal charge against ex-prosecutor for interfering in police shooting case
Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price has filed a criminal charge against one of her most vocal critics -- a prosecutor himself -- accusing him of interfering in a police shooting case.