Dan Noyes | ABC7 KGO News Team
Dan Noyes is the chief investigative reporter for the ABC7 News I-Team in San Francisco. He has received many industry awards, including 15 Emmys.

He worked for CNN, ABC News in Washington, D.C. and several television news magazines before joining ABC7 News.

Dan traveled on presidential campaigns, tracked a suspected Nazi war criminal to Germany, investigated the slaughter of near-extinct black rhinos in Zimbabwe, and exposed a Bay Area priest for molesting dozens of children. The priest was eventually convicted and sent to prison.

Dan lives in Marin County, has a passion for greyhound rescue and surfing. He's most proud of his sons, including a former U.S. Marine; both are now in college.

Dan's Stories
'They are threatened': Protests continue in Pt. Reyes as tule elk controversy heads to federal court
'PROLONGED AGONY': The animals are supposed to be protected under federal law, but 150 elk have died in the past year. With the lack of food, autopsies show some elk resorted to eating poisonous hemlock.
East Bay Regional Parks refuses to ban killing of wild cats; animal advocates not satisfied
Many animal advocates are not satisfied with the East Bay Park District's new wild cat measure to protect endangered birds. One said. "It's just handing the job to a wildlife execution service to do it for them."
Molotov cocktails, 12 firearms, 25,000 rounds of ammo found at VTA shooting suspect's home
"It is clear that this was a planned event and the suspect was prepared to use his firearms to take as many lives as he possibly could," said the sheriff's department Friday.
Feds failed to tell VTA, law enforcement about San Jose shooter's detention in 2016, officials say
"There's no indication that Homeland Security shared that information from 2016 with anyone in local law enforcement. It was not shared with the DA's office, certainly, that is the kind of information that may be useful to law enforcement," said Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen.
San Jose shooting: What we know about suspected VTA railyard shooter Sam Cassidy
Here's what we know about the man suspected in the deadly shooting at a VTA railyard in San Jose.
Surveillance video shows VTA gunman walking between buildings during mass shooting
The video shows the gunman walking away from a building where he shot multiple people and towards another area where he would kill more victims.
EXCLUSIVE: Suspected VTA shooter's ex-girlfriend says he was 'mentally not stable'
In a filing from a domestic violence case in Santa Clara County Family Law Court, the woman claimed Cassidy "exhibited major mood swings as a result of bipolar disorder," adding, "several times during the relationship he became intoxicated, enraged and forced himself on me sexually."
EXCLUSIVE: VTA mass shooting witness describes 'mass of bodies,' says gunman had specific targets
In this first person account, we learned more about what may have led to the shooting, and how the gunman chose his targets, leaving others to live.
North Bay neighborhood issued all clear after bear safely comes down from tree
A young black bear that brought a North Bay neighborhood to a standstill on Thursday is now back in a nearby open space after safely coming down from a tree.
Parents of Bay Area student found guilty in Rome officer killing react to 'life in prison' sentence
The parents of Finnegan Elder, one of two Bay Area college students sentenced to life in prison in the killing of a police officer in Italy, discussed the guilty verdict in an ABC News exclusive interview.