Dan Noyes | ABC7 KGO News Team
Dan Noyes is the chief investigative reporter for the ABC7 News I-Team. Dan joined the station in May 1994, bringing to local news 13 years of experience in network news and nationally syndicated news magazines. Dan was previously the co-anchor of the ABC7 Weekend News at 6 and 11 p.m.

Dan has been honored with numerous industry awards. The National Academy of Television Arts and Science (NATAS) has presented him with seven Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement: Investigative Reporting and Continuing Coverage. The Radio and Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) has honored Dan six times, for Best Investigative Reporting and Best News Reporting in Northern California. Dan also received the RTNDA Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Reporting. The Associated Press Television and Radio Association (APTRA) has also honored Dan for Best Investigative Reporting. The Anti-Defamation League has given him the Pursuit of Justice Award.

Dan has served as anchor, correspondent and producer, traveling throughout the United States, as well as Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America. He began his career in 1981 at the CNN Bureau in Washington, DC as a producer and correspondent, reporting from the White House and State Department. From 1985 to 1991, he produced for ABC News from Washington, DC, and later, reported for World News Tonight and Good Morning America from the Midwest.

From 1991 to 1992, Dan anchored and reported on The West/In America, the nationally syndicated news magazine produced by Kelly News & Entertainment of Sacramento. From 1992 to 1994, he served as senior correspondent for American Journal, the news magazine produced by King World in New York.

During his career, Dan has traveled on presidential campaigns, tracked a suspected Nazi war criminal to Germany, investigated the slaughter of near extinct black rhinos in Zimbabwe, and exposed a Bay Area priest for molesting dozens of children. The priest was eventually convicted and sent to prison.

Dan is a graduate of the University of Maryland. He's also a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. (IRE), the professional organization for investigative journalists, and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Dan's Stories
Rome Officer Killing: Leaked video shows defendant Gabe Natale blindfolded during questioning
A video of the Rome police officer stabbing defendant Gabe Natale being blindfolded and interrogated leaked this morning to an Italian paper and the ABC7 I-Team.
I-TEAM EXCLUSIVE: Bay Area man says son suspected in Rome officer killing roughed up during questioning
"The 'confession' Finn gave to the police came after eight hours of him being slapped, kicked, spit on and stood on; different interrogators, none of them proficient in English, came in to interview him and extract the words they wanted to hear."
I-TEAM EXCLUSIVE: Parents of SF defendant in Italian police officer's death discuss strategy with I-Team
What will be the defense strategy for the young man from San Francisco, arrested for the stabbing death of an Italian police officer last summer? His parents are opening up to the I-Team's Dan Noyes.
Italian police charged for blindfolding Marin County suspect
The shocking photo leaked from a police station in Rome shows an 18-year-old from Marin County handcuffed and blindfolded before his interrogation about the death of an Italian police officer this past summer.
Racial tensions at elite San Francisco prep school
The ABC7 I-Team is helping to bring some positive change to an elite prep school in San Francisco that has been rocked by racial tensions. One basketball coach has quit the school and students of color are on edge.
Tesla worker injuries higher than traditional automakers
Jobs are so important to Building A Better Bay Area, and in Fremont, one major employer is Tesla. The company has been grappling with how to improve worker safety at the factory; its injury rates have been worse than at traditional automakers.
PG&E slow to remove trees it deemed dangerous in Calistoga, homeowner says
A homeowner tells the I-Team, the company identified serious danger in wires near his home more than a year ago, but has not fixed it as promised.
PG&E CEO addresses customers who can't restock food spoiled during outage
"We didn't burn down any houses... one of the things we did was give them the opportunity to actually refill their refrigerator 'cause their house is still there," said PG&E CEO Bill Johnson.
I-TEAM: History of PG&E's power problems
The latest rounds of planned power outages come after decades of problems for Pacific Gas and Electric. The utility has struggled since state lawmakers deregulated the energy producers in 1996.
Kincade Fire: CPUC steps up action on PG&E's planned outages
PG&E has revealed in court documents how easily its power lines can be brought down, sparking a major wildfire, even just a bird hitting a line can start a blaze. Now the CPUC is stepping up action on the utility for turning off the lights.