Alameda provides thousands of masks, indoor options for kids

ByJobina Fortson KGO logo
Friday, November 16, 2018
Alameda provides thousands of masks, indoor options for kids
If the air feels worse to you today, you are not alone. The city of Alameda has taken several precautions to help its citizens.

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) -- The phone wouldn't stop ringing inside the Mastick Senior Center in Alameda on Friday morning. The word was out that masks were in.

Jessica Miller tugged on the straps of an N95 mask over her 8-year-old daughter's face, "It is a little big, but it's better than nothing."

Miller knows the masks aren't meant for kids, but her daughter has asthma, so she got a mask from the senior center anyways.

"She came home from school and said her eyes were hurting," Miller said. "She was having a hard time breathing."

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One might suggest ordering a better-fitted mask online, but David Lee tried that. They're gone.

"That's why places like this are wonderful for an emergency," Lee said.

Western Gravel and Roofing Supply donated 1,000 N95 masks. Annika Bruhn snagged some for her neighbors.

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"They're elderly so I'm getting some for them," Bruhn said.

Nancy Gray is glad to finally have the right kind of mask.

"It's better than nothing," Gray said, "We went down to see the Sharks the other day and we had to wear something a lot of people didn't have on anything!"

"Everybody coughs," Yusamja Emms said as she took a mask from the senior center.

Alameda Police also gave out masks and the library opened early so people could get clean air.

Alameda residents tell ABC7 News they feel like the smoke is getting worse, which is why the Zazzerons are getting out of town.

"We want to go to fresh air so we're going to Mendocino for the weekend," Enrico Zazzeron said.

The Alameda Movie Theater offering a cheaper price of $6.50 for movies so families could have an indoor activity to do while the kids were out of school. The Alameda Recreation and Park department also provided child care to registered RAP students.

Health officials recommend wearing a mask to protect yourself from harmful air.

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