Andrew Yang on his new political thriller 'The Last Election,' conversations with No Labels Party

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Sunday, September 17, 2023
Andrew Yang on his new political thriller The Last Election'
Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang discusses his new fiction thriller "The Last Election" and his next political move.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is having a big week. As a first-time fiction author, his new book, "The Last Election," is on the Amazon political thriller bestsellers list.

And he's having conversations with the No Labels party, raising speculation that he may run for president again under their banner.

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2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is coming to San Francisco's Cobb's Comedy Club on Thursday to sign and discuss his new book, "Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy."

Yang joined ABC7 News Anchor Kristen Sze on "Getting Answers" Friday to talk about his real-life campaign experiences that inspired the plot and characters in this book, his next political move and whether he thinks the presidential election of 2024 could be "the last election" in the democratic experiment we call America.

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