Ann Coulter speech at UC Berkeley is off

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Ann Coulter cancels speech at UC Berkeley
Ann Coulter has called off her speech at UC Berkeley tomorrow amid concerns over violent protests.

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Conservative commentator Ann Coulter will not speak at UC Berkeley on Thursday after all. Coulter calls it "a sad day for free speech." After days of insisting she would appear on campus, Coulter said the university and student group sponsoring her left her with no choice.

A member of the Berkeley College Republicans said to those who threatened the violence, if they think they've heard the end from the Berkeley College Republicans, they are sorely mistaken.

Coulter says there will be no speech, in an email to Reuters she said: "I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team."

One group that invited her to speak, the Young America's Foundation, had backed out of the event, saying the university failed to provide assurances of security. The university had asked Coulter to postpone her speech to next week when they said they could provide a safe venue, but she said no because that is dead week, when students are studying for finals.

ABC7 News asked for students' reaction to today's cancellation

"That is extremely unfortunate that she does not feel safe, but I'm really glad that their protests, that might or might not be happening, will probably not happen -- because that would be an extreme inconvenience to everybody," said Kyle Ko, UC Berkeley student.

"I'm not too upset by it. I mean if she is not coming, she is not coming. If she does well then the university and the students and Ann Coulter should be prepared with the reaction they would get," said Sasha John, student.

The chancellor sent out a message to students this morning explaining how we got here. He said "This university has two non-negotiable commitments, one to Free Speech, the other to safety of our campus community members, their guests and the public. In that context, we cannot ignore or deny what is a new reality."

A university spokesman says she has not heard from Coulter and they do not want communication with her through the media.

The Berkeley College Republicans will be holding a news conference later this afternoon.

Here's a look at Ann Coulter's reaction tweets from today:

Here's a look at the Young America's Foundation reaction tweets from today: