Relationships: Tools to strengthen them!

January 15, 2008 6:39:58 PM PST
Learn to deepen your capacity to be accountable, mindful, loving and responsible in your relationship!

Imagine being able to have your arguments and upsets strengthen your relationships, all of them, instead of destroying them. Our next guest says she has tools to help you do just that. She has been a relationship expert, coach, and consultant for over 30 years, and Francine Epstein is the author of Trusting You Are Loved: Practices For Partnership.

Trusting you are loved:
The most important thing in a relationship is that your commitment to the quality of the relationship has to be greater than your commitment to being right.

The "10 Practices for Partnership" are the same ones you would use with your children, your parents, your friends or even your co-workers. These are also known as "Tools for Recovery."

Practices for Partnership?

    1. Trusting You Are Loved
    2. Creating Safety
    3. Listening with Compassion
    4. Creating Intimacy
    5. Authentic Apology
    6. Handling Upsets Responsibly
    7. Forgiveness
    8. Expressing Appreciation
    9. Speaking from your Heart
    10. Honoring Your Commitment

Trusting You Are Loved Workshop
January 25, 26, 27 2008
Holiday Inn Express - Fisherman's Wharf
For more info or to register:
Phone: (510) 522-0590

About Francine Epstein:
Francine Epstein is a relationship expert, coach and consultant who for over 30 years has brought a dynamic, compassionate and in-depth behavioral approach to her work leading personal relationship programs for men & women. She is the co-author (along with her late husband) of the book Trusting You Are Loved - Practices for Partnership and owner of The Partnership Advantage.

Francine and her husband, Lew, were married for nearly 30 years when he passed away in 2003. It was their own extraordinary relationship that got them into doing this work in the first place. For 18 years they led Men's and Women's groups together every month in many cities around the United States and in England. Francine has the distinction of being the only woman leading a Men's Club which she continues to do here in San Francisco for the past 24 years.