People in Fairfax prepare for floods

January 26, 2008 1:06:58 AM PST
A relentless down pour in Marin County is the only way to describe it. The Creek Road neighborhood in Fairfax is wedged between the rainfall and a drainage system that is funneling water down into the neighborhood, while the creek that runs through it from below is rising.

Creek Road lived up to its name, part creek, part road. The water right at the tipping point, is too deep to drive through.

"We're seeing a lot of overflow here down creek road and like it was a couple of years ago. This is worse than when the creek gets really high, this overflow screws up the neighborhood here," said Fairfax resident Brian Clark.

ABC7's Noel Cisneros: "Are you concerned for your home?"

A little bit yeah, yeah," said Clark.

This neighborhood is a few blocks from downtown Fairfax is at the convergence of an overwhelmed drainage system and a creek that's gushing like a fire hose.

The houses are literally caught in the middle.

"There's concerns us every year, yeah, because we are with a 100-year call of a flood plan. Then again, they re-did all of the streets here not too long ago, but never really did the drainage ports," said Fairfax resident Paul Chourre.

For many, flooding is nothing new, but Friday's storm is the heaviest they've seen since the New Year's flood of 2005/06.

That flood undermined the supports of the Creek Bridge - which has been closed ever since.

Neighborhood residents have taken it upon themselves to try to steer cars clear of the flooded intersections, and to clean the drains that keep plugging up and flooding their neighborhood.

The winter floods are a sore spot in Fairfax, because the drainage projects that promise to deliver relief to some of the other towns in the Ross Valley, but are not expected to fix what ails Fairfax's Creek Road neighborhood.

Marin County has activated its Swift Water Rescue Team, and they are staged in San Anselmo. Right now that's a just-in-case scenario, but if they're needed, they're ready.