High surf warnings for Sunday

February 23, 2008 8:05:39 PM PST
Along the coast the beach forecast has been upgraded to a high surf warning.

At the state beach in Linda Mar the waves looked flat, but winds are expected to pick up overnight.

Both the National Weather Service and the US Coast Guard have issued high surf warnings from 3 AM Sunday to midnight. The warning is saying 23 to 26 foot swells and rip currents will make the water dangerous and people are advised to stay out of the ocean.

The Coast Guard also warns against walking on or near cliffs because the saturated ground can become unstable.

We talked to some surfers earlier, some plan to heed the warnings, others may take a gamble.

"How do you know when it's too dangerous and when it's just fun?"

"When it's just really choppy, really windy, there's a lot of white water and you can't really get out there. Obvious thing if you don't see anyone out there then don't go out there for safety reasons," said Tana Prothero, a surfer.

We've certainly seen this kind of steady rainfall cause landslides in the area. Mud and rocks fell onto Highway 1 at Devil's Slide last month and just a week ago at Pacifica's Escandon Beach an eroding cliff came down burying a teenage girl up to her neck. She did survive, but that's a perfect example of how you don't really have to be in the water to get hurt.

When the waves are big a lot of people like to come out to the beach and check them out, but the Coast Guard is warning beach goers to stay away from the edge of the water because you can get swept in by that high surf.