Put your slow cooker to work

March 7, 2008 5:42:56 PM PST
Here's an easy way to have a hot, delicious home cooked meal, prepared and ready to eat, when you get home from work, for under 20 dollars! You can feed up to four people and still have leftovers.

Janelle's Easy Rump Roast

    Boneless lean rump roast
    3 or 4 large potatos
    1 Sweet onion
    1 Bag baby carrots
    1/2 Cup of All Purpose Flour
    1 Bag Lipton Onion Soup mix

    Cover the outside of the roast with pepper and then salt to taste
    Cover the entire roast in flour (optional) to lock in juices and add to the gravy
    Pour 1/4 cup water into bottom of slow cocker
    Place roast into slow cooker
    Peel and cut potatoes into multiple chunks dump them into slow cooker around roast
    Place carrots in slow cooker (for less mushy vegetables, put into slow cooker half way thru cooking time, OR steam separately.)
    Sprinkle onion soup mix over vegetables and meat.

    Set slow cooker to LO, cook 6-8 hours
    Serves 4-6

    Depending on size of roast and number of vegetables, enough leftovers for sandwiches the next day and you can combine all ingredients for a thick and hearty stew -- All for under $20!