Clinton supporters won't accept defeat

The Hillary viewing party took place in San Jose, Tuesday night. Regardless of the numbers, the group was still very optimistic.

That's how far the Asian American/Pacific Islanders for Hillary want to take this. Even though Barak Obama has the number needed to secure the democratic nomination. Senator Clinton backers are not ready to accept defeat.

"I see nothing wrong with going to the convention and having it handled there. There are super delegates who have not yet committed," said Carol Garvey, an alternate delegate.

Meantime, those who've been committed to the Obama campaign for months, celebrated.

In fact, many were surprised that Clinton did not concede the nomination. Still, for many, none of that mattered. The focus was on history being made. It was enough to bring tears to a volunteer's eyes.

"I was born in 1963 and a product of racism and so it's so great to see this happen. It's like we turned a corner and I'm just so thankful and he's a fabulous person and I think he's going to make a great president," said Toiya Black, an Obama volunteer.

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