Rating the best self tanning lotions


Sunless tanning lotions for some can be an easy substitute for the sun. Instant tanners can give you that glow within 24 hours. Gradual tanners usually take about five to seven days.

"We evaluated five instant and five gradual self-tanners. We wanted to see how well these products worked at providing a natural looking tank; if they left any streaking, if they were blotchy. Also how well they smelled, how even they looked overall, how easy they were to use and if they were drying," said Nicole Larsen, Good Housekeeping Institute.

The "Nivea Sun-Kissed Firming Moisturizer" was the best among the gradual self tanners. Testers say they had good results in an average of two days.

"It dries well and it's very even, even the spots that you can't really get like say on your back. I have no streaking, no spots. It's really smooth and it also moisturizes really well," said Johanna Hessling, Self-tanner tester.

Winning the top spot in the instant tan category is the "Guerlain Terracotta Sunless Tinted Self-Tanning Gel."

Testers said it gave an even natural tan and they liked the smell. But for a fifth of the price, Good Housekeeping recommends "Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Foam" and "L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mist" -- both are instant tanning products.

Bare legs can be a common spot to find skin cancer - so Good Housekeeping suggests using a body lotion with SPF protection.

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