Finding balance in a mother's busy life

Beth's tips

1. Take that "S" off of Your Chest! Striving to be a Superwoman is a recipe for disaster.

2. Being Centered on Self is NOT the same as Being Self-Centered. Mothers are terrified of being thought of as selfish, but we forget to make an important distinction. I briefly discuss the concept of being "Centered on Self" so mothers can exercise self-care without feeling guilty and put themselves back in the equation.

2. How Important Is It Really? Mothers have a habit of making everything a top priority. Learning to distinguish between what items need to go at the top of the list and what can wait is essential. You'd be surprised at how many things aren't really as important as Moms may think they are. "As Henry Kissinger once said: "There can be no more crisises this week. My schedule's already full."

3. "S" is for Sanity: What "Sanity First" means. If we came from a family where chaos ruled, it is all too easy to repeat these patterns and unknowingly create insanity in our household. Even if our family of origin was rather calm, cool and collected, today's rigorous demands and chronic rushing create insane situations and reactions to them. It's our job, as mothers, to rein things in when necessary, putting our sanity and the sanity of those we love first--empowering ourselves to take charge instead of being respondaholics (saying "yes" to everyone without questioning whether we want to spend our time in this way, whether the request is reasonable, etc.)

4. The Dark Side of Self-Care. What happens when we don't engage in soulful activities regularly? We get hungry. I remind mothers of the hazards of using substitutes for genuine soulfood, activities that can distract us and may provide temporary relief but may not feed our spirit....compulsive shopping, eating, drinking, etc. They can spin us out and lead to other problems such as overspending, weight gain, health problems, etc.

5. Soulfood isn't just cornbread and chitlin's! I challenge mothers to think about what really fills their soul; nourishing activities that they need to make time for regardless of a busy schedule. I remind them to 1) figure out what they need and 2) take time to fulfill those needs for relaxation, intimacy, sex, laughter, creative expression (art, interior design, fashion, crafts, cooking, writing, reading, dance, etc.)

6. Flying Solo and Gathering with the Flock. It's essential for mothers to know when time alone is what they need or to gather together with girlfriends or family members. I offer advice for nite's out and nite's in for moms--and the benefits

emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually.

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About Beth Wilson
Beth Wilson is a best-selling author, speaker, integrative life coach and women's empowerment expert whose active involvement with parenting and women's issues, as well as personal growth and change, gives her a unique perspective on the challenges facing men, women and families today.

Wilson is the author of the best-selling book, Meditations For New Mothers (1992), which was featured on the front page of The Wall St. Journal due to its volume sales in the first five months of publication. Currently, it has sold more than 800,000 copies and been translated into 15 different languages.

The success of Wilson's first book was followed by publication of Meditations For Mothers Of Toddlers (1995), Meditations During Pregnancy (2001), Restoring Balance To A Mother's Busy Life (1996) and Creating Balance In Your Child's Life (1999).

Wilson is currently finishing her latest book, He's Just No Good For You: A Guide To Leaving A Destructive Relationship, expected in January 2009.

Wilson is also the host of "Quantum Leaps," the popular Internet radio talk show with an international audience that airs on Voice America, the leading live Internet talk radio broadcaster. After initially airing on Voice America's Women's Network, where it became the top-rated show in just 10 weeks, the Internet broadcaster moved the show - which offers listeners a new path for self-empowerment - to its flagship channel in May 2008.

At the same time, Wilson launched a new website,, as a companion to the radio show. In addition to expanding upon the conversations Wilson has with callers to her show and life coaching clients, the website lets visitors sign up for a free bi-weekly ezine, "Teaming with Life," which covers personal growth and health topics.

Wilson earned her B.A. in International Relations from Oberlin College. Upon graduating, she worked as a legislative assistant for former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, who was the only woman on the prestigious and powerful Armed Services Committee. As part of her duties, Wilson drafted legislation, floor statements and speeches on Congresswoman Schroeder's behalf and "learned first-hand, how challenging it was to operate in a man's world, and how misunderstood 'woman's issues' truly are."

Wilson's client list includes politicians, celebrities, scholars, royals, Olympians, models, parents, journalists and financial executives. She also has formed an extensive international network of physicians, osteopaths, nurses, healthcare practitioners, therapists, and social workers who utilize her skills for individualized wellness programs.

Wilson conducts life coaching sessions over the phone and travels extensively to meet with clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe. Based in Mountain View, Calif., and the mother of three children, she enjoys distance swimming, film and traveling in her spare time.

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