Driver's aunt: Fatal street race was planned


There wasn't a moment throughout the day when there was no visitor at the memorial for the two young teens. Among the visitors was Clark Wright's aunt. He was the young man killed in the accident. She told ABC7 his family wished they had known what was going on that night.

"It wouldn't have happened if someone had just spoken up," says Trudy Cumming, Clark Wright's aunt.

She is talking about the high speed accident that killed her 18-year-old nephew and his 17-year-old friend, Sarah Streicher, early Tuesday.

CHP investigators confirm Wright had been street racing with two other cars present in the hour before his white Corvette careened into a power pole on Dublin Canyon Road.

Cumming told ABC7 that the family has since learned the race was planned a week ago.

"There were a number of people that knew all week long that this race was going to happen. If they had just gone to the parents or if they had just gone to the police and said 'there's a race that's gonna happen here, something needs to be done,' then my nephew, I really feel, would be alive today."

Friends and family of the two teens gathered to lay flowers, remember their friends and deliver a message.

"This message is not coming from an adult, it's coming from a 19-year-old who just lost his best friend. Racing is not safe unless it's completely legal. This street racing just doesn't work, especially on these roads," says friend Jason Alan.

"They need to understand that driving fast isn't fun. It's not fun. Somebody's going to get hurt and somebody can die," says friend Nancy Lewis.

Wright was planning to study psychology at Los Positas College. He graduated from Castro Valley High in June.

"If anyone said, 'Do you know Clark?' They'd say 'yeah, the kid that drives the white Corvette,'" says Jaclyn Wright, his cousin.

Streicher worked with Wright at a local market. She would have been a senior at Castro Valley High.

"God needed her more than we did. God's got something for her to do, someplace else she's got to go," says boyfriend Dane Niderost.

Funeral services for Streicher are planned for Saturday at the Castro Valley Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In the meantime, the investigation is ongoing as police continue to find out whether the accident happened exactly during a race or if it was just Wright speeding away on his own afterwards. The importance of that is because if it happened during a race, then the other drivers involved could face criminal charges.

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