Students study campaign ads, propositions


Each of the school's 216 students participated in selecting a state proposition and coming up with a convincing, 30 second campaign advertisement for or against the measure.

Teacher Justin Wells oversaw the project and said students learned, when it comes to campaign ads, keep it simple.

"They realized that in 30 seconds, you got to hit them in the heart and there isn't a lot of time for the head," Wells said.

Student Katrina Cubilo's research helped her get all the facts on Proposition 8, the measure that would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry.

"Most of the money that is funding "Yes Prop. 8" is from out of state, which I don't agree with considering it's our state," Cubilo said.

Other students predict the economy will play an important role in Tuesday's election.

"It's important to know where we can spend money and where we should not be spending money, especially in terms of where it is effective and where it isn't," Scott Gowin said.

Working on the ads helped Angie Paulino realize the power of voting.

"I have to be, as a citizen of the United States, very involved in politics, not necessarily because this is a big election...but because it's really important," Paulino said.

Most of the students will not be going to the polls on Tuesday because they are not quite 18, but Monday they were able to show their ads to a group of people who do vote - their parents.

"And hopefully, tonight for the show maybe change a few voters' minds before they go to the polls tomorrow," Wells said.

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