Making healthy cereals tastier


All parents pretty much know this. Cereals can be full of sugar and lacking in nutrition. So look for cereals with four grams of both sugar and fiber.

"But the trouble is there are not a lot of single cereals that meet those marks that children like to eat. So what we did was put together our own combinations and made blends of two cereals that would meet those nutritional marks," Delia Hammock, Good Housekeeping Institute.

Try mixing and matching your cereals; mix two third cup of Cascadian Farm Clifford Crunch with one-third cup of Cheerios.

"The kids said that this one tasted like Lucky charms and it added up to about four grams of sugar and four grams of fiber," said Hammock.

Another popular recipe is mixing the "Post Shredded Wheat Spoon Size" mixed with "Kashi Mighty Bites."

"I start my day with a bowl of high fiber cereal and then add a little granola just for taste," said Hammonck.

Good advice, because children who skip breakfast are twice as likely to be obese as ones who don't.

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