Protesters arrested at Israeli consulate

January 15, 2009 5:16:44 PM PST
A demonstration blocked the Israeli consulate in on Montgomery Street for more than an hour on Thursday morning.

San Francisco police hauled nine people away from a pro-Palestinian protest at the Israeli consulate.

A few of the protesters got inside the building on Thursday morning, while others chained themselves together and blocked the entrances.

They prevented people at several companies from getting to work, and the Deputy Consulate General says that crossed the line.

"You want to protest against us, that's fine, the street is open. But don't block, don't use violence. This is what we are trying to fight against," said Deputy Consulate General Ishmael Khaldi.

"The Israeli consulate is on the 21st floor and we want to let people in the buidling know that they are not safe that they are working among criminals," said protester Jennifer Magannam.