Keeping the pounds off with Pilates

January 16, 2009 4:44:05 PM PST
Tired of your old workout? Try something fun and new! Pilates instructor Steven J. Smith answers some common questions.

Q. How is IM=X pilates different that most workouts, other pilates classes and yoga? What are the benefits?

A. IM=X combines the muscle toning and lengthening benefits of pilates with elements of strength and cardio training to increase flexibility, endurance, and muscle tone, while strengthening the spine and abdominal core.

All the key elements of our program are based upon medical and clinical research. The combination of movements within IM=X Pilates develops long, lean muscles, improves posture, increases metabolism, and adds flexibility to the spine.

With IM=X, we have the ability to modify the program for individuals of all different fitness levels. Also, with small group classes of only 8, we always have an instructor watching and helping clients to ensure proper technique and safety.

Q. New Year's is a time when most people make new resolutions. One resolution that everyone seems to repeat annually is to lose weight or improve their health. How can tips can you offer to help us be more successful so we aren't repeating the same resolution next year?

A. Think in terms of "goals" rather than "resolutions". A goal is something to work toward in small steps not an absolute that must be attained immediately as many resolutions are (e.g. I'm going to work out 3x per week or stop smoking).

The key to making lasting change is to develop good healthy habits, which can be formed gradually over a period of weeks. Once the habit is formed, it is far easier to make small steps and progress toward a goal.

Rather than say "lose weight" or "Improve health" focus on the small things that lead to weight loss and improved health such goal is to eat breakfast every goal is to not eat after goal is to walk at least 30 minutes 3x a week. All these little steps will help someone achieve the larger goal of improved health or weight loss.

Q. Do you recommend Pilates for kids and teens?

A. Pilates can be a safe an effective program for all ages due to the variety of movements available with both mat and apparatus (reformer) movements.

Pilates can be especially beneficial for athletic teens and pre-teens due to the focus on body awareness and biomechanics (i.e. coordination), which can greatly help with injury prevention.

Featured guest:
Steven J. Smith, Owner and IM=X Pilates Advanced Instructor
IM=X Pilates Studio
2211 B San Ramon Valley Boulevard, San Ramon

Steven Smith Bio:
Steven Smith is an avid cyclist and triathlete, Steve discovered the benefit of IM=X Pilates during his triathlon training where the development of functional strength, flexibility, and injury prevention are paramount. As a fourteen year veteran of the corporate world, opening an IM=X Pilates Studio provided Steve the opportunity to marry his business background and experience with his passion for fitness and endurance training. Steve made the switch from management consulting due to lifestyle needs - he didn't want to be traveling 5 days a week and neglecting his personal health and relationships. The San Ramon Studio was opened in November 2004 as one of the first full-service dedicated pilates studios in the Tri-valley. Steve and his team of instructors have worked with over 700 clients since opening, everyone from soccer moms to working professionals to former professional athletes and seniors. The Alamo studio was opened in September 2007.

In addition to being an IM=X Certified Pilates Instructor, Steve is a Certified USA Cycling Coach and Certified Spinning Instructor. Steve lives in Dublin with his wife Laurie, daughter Samantha, and their dog Grace.