How to kill them with kindness


In today's changing and challenging times, people will look within to improve their positions in life. These are examples of behavior to give 'kids of all ages' 3-93, that confident and competitive edge. Taken from the book: You've Got RESPECTFUL Manners! ~Tactful Tips from A to Z for Kids of All Ages

To DISAGREE with someone is healthy. Doing it in a friendly tone of voice and with a nice attitude is what makes a difference. Sharing opinions with a smile can help make new friends, not enemies. There is no need to make anyone wrong. "We have different points of view, but either way ~ we are all friends in the end."

GREET whoever opens the door to the house you are visiting, with a nice smile and friendly words. It might be your friend's parents, or other adults, or a teacher. Always make good eye contact. Look them right in the eye, introduce yourself, and ask something about them too: "Hi, I'm ____, and I was invited to come over to meet the new puppy. Are you all having fun with the new pet?"

INTRODUCTIONS by kids to adults, has an easy rule: Always say the name of the adult, or the person of special importance first. It sounds like this: "Aunt Janet, this is my friend Sara." "Coach Jim, this is my brother, Mark." Always introduce yourself around a dining table, especially when it is a mix of strangers.

HOUSE rules need to be respected. If you didn't know a certain house rule while visiting in someone else's home and they scold you, just be brave and calm and say: "I am sorry that I ate potato chips in the living room, but I did not know that was your house rule. I won't do that again in your home."

INVITATIONS are a compliment to you. Someone wants you around. Answer them as soon as possible. If you cannot be there - be truthful about the reason. Making up a fib can backfire on you, and is not necessary. You can say: ' I am so sorry, but I have already made other plans for that day" or "I wish I could be there, but I can't this time. Can we do something together next week?"

LYING gets you into all sorts of trouble…sooner or later! Remember…always tell the truth - it's the easiest to remember! Don't get caught up in your own lies. Once people know you lie - they will never trust you or believe you again.

If you are OVERWEIGHT or underweight and someone makes a rude comment about your appearance, be brave and calmly say: "Let's be kind to each other, so please try to say something nice - and I will do the same for you."

PRIVACY is your right, and questions that people might ask you that are of a very personal matter, or a private secret - do not have to be answered. Never feel that just because someone asks you those questions that it means you have to answer them. It is your privilege to say. "This is a personal matter for me - it's something I don't talk about outside of my family. I hope you understand."

RUDE people can make us angry sometimes. Remember that the rude person is the one who has to learn HIS manners! You know your good manners, so don't let his bad ones rub off on you. Stay happy! If someone says something rude, answer something nice with a smile, and move on. Stay happy! "Easy buddy…let's all have a good day."

THANK-YOU notes are like a super mini-gift. The person receiving them feels happy in getting a surprise in the mail. If you're the person sending them -give yourself a pat-on-the-back for going the extra mile. Write notes when you want to show a very sincere appreciation for something"

About Louise Elerding:
Louise Elerding is the author of the award-winning series of books entitled 'You've Got Manners!". Her latest book entitled "You've Got Respectful Manners!" joins "You've Got Manners!" and "You've Got Social Manners!" for the coveted award of Gold Illustrated Series at the 2008 prestigious Mom's Choice Awards.

A grandmother of five - each a member of her 'Polite Team of the World" and Board of Advisors - Louise has assumed the role of 'Super Nanny' for children's manners and etiquette. Her series of books, that also includes a deck of ManneRummy and Flash Cards entitled "Pass The Manners Please!" as well as "The Manners & Teachers Curriculum" for consultants and schools, are devised through and for the eyes of children.

"You've Got Manners!" was conceived on a family road trip and vacation across Canada in the summer of 2002. To pass the time, three generations of Elerdings played a game of naming and playing with table manners in their family mini-van to pass the time and have fun. On that 1,000 mile trip, 'You've Got Manners!" was born. Inspired by her very own mother, Elmira "Myrto" Fleury - a true lady in every way - Louise set about putting pen to paper and wrote her first book in a week. She set about putting together in alphabetical order a fun and easy way to learn how to have great table manners…whether at home or in public. Children are even awarded with a certificate - entitled 'I've Got Manners!" - on completion of the book.

Thanks to the following star members of the Polite Team of the World who helped Louise put her series of books and products together: Alyssa, 15, West Hills, CA; Amanda, 13, West Hills, CA; Emily, 10, West Hills, CA; Jason, 17, Burbank CA and Tyler, 14, Burbank, CA. You've Got Manners!

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