Fog forces Blue Angels closer to fans


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Saturday's aerial show came to an abrupt halt when unexpected fog rolled in. Cloudy conditions appeared to be even worse on Sunday but the flight team still pulled it off by altering their show a little bit.

Collectively, crowds seemed to think the show was not as exciting as usual but better than not seeing them at all. Because of the overcast conditions, the Blue Angels were forced to switch to their "low show" which is shorter than normal, 40 minutes instead of the normal 50-minute show.

Many fans actually appreciated having the planes closer to them because they got a better look and the show was extra loud. However, the audience did miss the super thrilling maneuvers that take the Blue Angels high into the sky.

"At least they had something, right? It was a little truncated but still, it's the Blue Angels and it brings a lot of people out and it's always good for the kids especially," Jason Cellura told ABC7.

"It's a little bit cloudy and foggy but hey, we saw them. We're happy. We'll be here next year. Hopefully they'll come back. So, it was okay," said Eddy Escobar, holding his son at his waist. "Could've had better."

It was evident from their attire that the Escobar family was made up of 49er fans. They said they had a tough time deciding between Sunday's game and the Blue Angels. Based on the 49er's played Sunday it looks like they chose wisely.

The crowds seemed much smaller Sunday than they were on Saturday, but people told ABC7 traffic was still terrible.

Some people are wondering why the Blue Angels were able to fly Sunday but not Saturday. The clouds on Sunday were higher in altitude than they were on Saturday. And on Saturday, the clouds were also blowing in as the team was performing, so they had to make a split-second decision. They could not decide on "Plan B" because they had not talked about it yet.

For Sunday's show, they were able to review "Plan B" and go over it as a group before they even took off.

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