Home therapy: 3 steps to a better home

Not every house feels like a home, but making simple adjustments to your living environment based on three areas of focus can make a world of difference.

Color and Light:
Any rooms design can be changed with a new coat of paint!

- Have color confidence! Bold colors are not bad!

- If you need help making color decisions for walls or even fabrics it is always a good idea to test them!

  • Bringing home paint samples and testing them on the walls can help
  • Carpet, upholstery, window treatments, and wall covering swatches are always a good place to start

- When your home reflects you and your interests it is more inviting

  • Cut out pictures and patterns that inspire and reflect you
  • These can actually be used as framed artwork
  • These can also inspire you when making design decisions.

- Light is essential to the look and function of any room.

  • Changing an essential lighting fixture (100% Recycled Aluminum) can completely change a room
  • Natural light is essentials to warming up any home

Energy Efficiency:
A house is not a home if you don't feel comfortable in it. So make changes that will conserve energy and money.

- If you are spending too much to heat your home you end up resenting your home.

- Installing new windows that are made of 100% recycled aluminum can help you cut down on your energy bills by creating a tight seal that keeps your heating and cooling in and windy drafts out!

- Building and remodeling with recycled materials is a great way to keep the environment in mind.

Fabrics and patterns allow for any room to be transformed into a reflection of the owner.

- Know what you like and dislike- are you traditional or eccentric?

- Fabrics can be used for wall coverings, pillow accents, window dressings and even carpets can be influential in your home's design

- People don't think about changing up the tile in their home, but this can also transform a room and now you can find tiles made from recycled materials (Aluminum) as well.

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