The Bay Bridge has officially reopened


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Final safety inspections were completed before the bridge was allowed to reopen. The repairs went through a "rumble test," where loaded trucks rumbled along on the lower deck causing vibrations. Once the rumble test was done, crews cleared the bridge, sweeping it to make sure nothing was left behind.

"Last night we were finally able to get the geometry, or the placement of the steel, the way that our designers needed it and we were able to move forward with stressing. That's basically putting the weight that's on the eye-bars onto the repair system. So that is now 100 percent complete," said Caltrans spokesperson Bart Ney.

The last repairs to the cracked eyebar took place Labor Day weekend. Those parts were up there for about seven weeks before they came crashing down last Tuesday evening onto the upperdeck. If this design fails, it will be held up above the bridge deck by a cable and not land on cars.

There will be continued daily repairs on the bridge during offpeak hours as crews will block off lanes to inspect the work.

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