Facing adversity when raising kids

About the book:

The lives of Joan Ryan, her husband Barry, and their son, Ryan, were irrevocably changed the day the 16-year-old boy suffered a traumatic head injury in a skateboarding accident.

Ryan was not wearing a helmet when he fell from his board, and what might have been a minor incident involving a few stitches turned into months in the hospital, as Joan stood vigil and watched her son struggle first to survive and then begin on the slow and open-ended road to recovery.

Yet this painful process, any parent's nightmare, offered an unlikely benefit to Joan and Ryan, a chance to improve their less-than-perfect, often adversarial relationship.

Ryan's accident gave Joan a second chance to be the mother she had never been able to be-to give up control issues, accept what she could not change, and for the first time see her son for the wonderful young man he was, not for the things he was not and never would be.

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